2016 Victory Empulse TT


Only a handful left!!! We are now on a special order basis only. This is the most electric you can get for the money. DO NOT WAIT IF YOU WANT ONE. I know you're an engineer and you really need to work through everything but I'm telling you we are in the home stretch with these things and you will miss out!!!! PULL THE TRIGGER IF YOU WANT ONE! 


This is a street legal electric race motorcycle. Accelerating up to 100MPH+ and the battery fully charges in 3.9 hours. Where it matters most, the Empulse TT is fast. It is 10,400 watt hours of proof that Victory doesn't just prove performance, we advance technology.

Victory® and Victory Motorcycles® are registered trademarks of Polaris Industries Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing and obey the speed limit. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol.