2010 Victory Hammer®

Hammer® muscle performance cruiser

Modern American muscle inspires the 2010 Victory Hammer® motorcycle. Built with a wide 250 millimeter rear tire, 97 horsepower, 113 foot-pounds of torque, inverted front forks, dual-disk front brakes and a speedometer and tachometer—standard. These performance features make such a strong statement that fully expresses the Hammer®.  For cruising on Main Street or cruising across state lines, the Hammer® provides a fantastic experience. Lots of upgrades:  Matching Ness Billet "Flame: grips and pegs, adjustable Ness Modular handlebars, Victory 2-into-1 performance exhaust with tuner downlaod and hp intake, engine guard, black mini windscreen with mounts to hold the passenger seat cowl.