Lifetime Warranty

We understand the importance of choosing a dealer that thinks of you not only during the sale, but long afterward. That’s why Spirit Motorcycles / Triumph San jose offers our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY, no other dealer on the West Coast can offer this peace of mind.  
We want you to have the greatest ownership experience possible, and we believe that it starts and ends with a REAL VALUE commitment for our customers.

RpmPlus Liberty Sport Lifetime Engine

guarantees a more certain journey.

We’ve revolutionized limited warranties to make them simpler than ever to protect your finances from the impact of unexpected mechanical repairs.



ENGINE*: All internally lubricated engine parts including valve covers; intake manifolds; oil pump; valves; engine mounts; cylinder head(s); engine block/crankcase and cylinder barrels if damaged as a result of the Failure of an internally lubricated covered engine component.


performance kit has been installed on your bike by the

factory or Indian Motorcycles franchised dealer prior to the time of

sale, We agree to repair or replace components covered by Your

Limited Warranty arising out of normal use of Your Vehicle/Unit.

EXCLUDED are Screamin’ Eagle performance, competition parts

and components. If You modify or alter Your Vehicle/Unit after

the time of sale, Your Limited Warranty will become void at the

time of modification or alteration

*Reverse Trikes - Factory Built units, only.

** Mandatory surcharge required


RpmPlus Liberty Sport’s Lifetime Engine program is a limited warranty provided to you at no additional charge when you purchase an eligible vehicle.

Coverage runs as long as you own your vehicle, allowing you to protect your investment with an increased level of confidence!




Since it is included with all qualified vehicle purchases, you get complimentary vehicle protection from your dealership


Repairs can be performed by any authorized repair facility in the U.S. and Canada


Direct reimbursement by credit card to the repair facility that performs covered repairs


Help is just a free phone call away; courteous, professional customer service personnel and claims advisors are standing by to solve any difficulty you may encounter


The program requires you follow manufacturer’s suggested maintenance as outlined in your owner’s manual. We recommend returning to the issuing dealer for all maintenance services.


Most new Indian Motorcycles and Canam Spyder that are current plus 3 model years old with less than 500 miles, or all Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are current plus 6 model years old at time of sale qualify for coverage.