Lifetime Warranty


We understand the importance of choosing a dealer that thinks of you not only during the sale, but long afterward. That’s why we offer our exclusive LIFETIME WARRANTY, no other dealer on the West Coast can offer this peace of mind.  
We want you to have the greatest ownership experience possible, and we believe that it starts and ends with a REAL VALUE commitment for our customers.
Our lifetime warranty program, which is underwritten by Assurant – the largest underwriter for the automotive industry -  will pay for repairs to the powertrain components of your motorcycle for as long as you own it, no milage limitation, at absolutely NO COST to you!
Simply follow the recommended maintenance, outlined in your LIFETIME WARRANTY agreement, at our dealership or a pre-authorized facility of your choice and your powertrain components are covered FOREVER!*


Simply follow the customary maintenance schedule and Warranty Forever will pay for all repairs to the covered powertrain components of your motorcycle for as long as you own it.


ENGINE Engine block and all internally lubricated parts*
TRANSMISSION Case and all internally lubricated parts*
DRIVE ASSEMBLY Front and rear drive axle housing and all internally lubricated parts*
*Overview of coverage, see agreement for complete details on coverage and exclusions.